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* Realistic Ultralight
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*Excellent Platform for FPV
MIA Ultralight
Anodized Tubular
as in MIA larger
Quick Silver
RC Ultralights

2014 Version

2013 Version

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MIA Ultralight Bolt -On Conversion Kit
for Slow Sticks GWS and Hobbyking
    From these ... 
   or  your own DIY wings and square boom  

   To this ... 
Realistic Ultralight and Super Stable Platform for FPV Flights

NEW Blue color for 2014 Show Here with Painted Matching  Color Blue Wing

MIA UL Conversion Kit Options:
Full Conversion Kit $69.99 With MIA Phantom Carbon Pattern Seat & Front Panel
Basic Conversion Kit $49.99 Without MIA Phantom™ Carbon Pattern Seat & Front Panel


Today in age, more people are getting into FPV (First Pilot View) or virtual flying of RC aircraft. If you are into this area,  the MIA UL Conversion Kits and MIA Cyclops™ FPV Camera mounts we have for the popular Slow Stick airplane provide such.  A super lightweight an excellent platform for stable FPV flights or for simply enjoying the RC model as a more realistic ultralight.

The kit features a
 New 2014 Blue  Anodized Aluminum Tubular Frame
with carbon rod struts. Assembles using MIA Flex™ press-fit connectors and MIA TUFF™ Select bolt-on lightweight nylon hardware for easy of assembly and durability. It comes with  3" large diameter wheels for ease of take off and landing from grass fields as well as from pavement.

The Full Conversion Kit comes with the MIA Phantom™ Carbon Pattern Seat and Front Panel.

Assembles  into this Trike. Seat, Front Panel, Motor Mount and Wing Struts (included in each kit) but not show in this photo for simplicity.

    Kit Contents
     New Dec 2013 - 2014 Kit:Larger 3" Diameter wheels and MIA Phantom™ Carbon Pattern Seat and Front Panel

     * 1) Main Frame -- Anodized Aluminum Tubes, Trike Mounting Straps and Boom Support
     * 2) Main Frame Hardware -- Nuts and Bolts
     * 3) Landing Gear --New 3" Diameter Larger Wheels and Mounting Hardware
     * 4) Battery Holder -- CNC Machined Battery Holder Plate, Mounting Hardware, Hook and Loop Straps
     * 5) Seat and Front Panel  -- Carbon Pattern Molded Seat and Front Panel Cover, Mounting Hardware
     * 6) Motor Mount -- Motor Mount Plate -Arm assembly, Mounting Hardware.
     * 7) Wing Struts -- Carbon Rod Struts, Mounting Hardware

     Required Materials and Tools

      * Medium size Flat and Philips head screwdriver

Required Equipment

* Same as you already use on your Slow Stick, Spektrum DX6i, HK T-Six, or better.
Spektrum DX6i or HK T-Six Orange Transmitters
In order to fly this model, a programmable transmitter is required, such as the Spektrum DX6I or the HK T-Six Orange Transmitters (Mode 2 USA use) as these are highly popular and have been thoroughly tested with the also popular Spektrum and HK respective orange DSM2 receivers.

Optional items


                                           Steering Wheel Kit


Steerable Front Wheel Kit $9.99 
 For Metal Gear 9 Gm Servo
For 3" Dia. Wheels

Pilot Head, Torso and  Instrument Panel

For On-Board Model Static Mount or to be used with Compact FPV Pan-Tilt Camera Mount

For both  MIA EdgeColors and MIA PhantomCarbon Pattern molded parts options:    
The Pilot Head is simply a cover for a small camera such as an 808 #16 popular keychain camera or similar size FPV camera. The molded head can be perforated to provide a front opening for the camera lens. This assembly can then be mounted with double sided foam tape or Velcro to the flat side of a servo installed to a compact pan-tilt camera support, fitted on a servo mounting pocket on neck of the pilot torso.
The NEW instrument Panel is a full mold (not just a flat curved cover as in earlier options). It is designed to be used with an optional or user supplied floating compass and Low Battery Voltage Alarm indicator, as in the photos below, also in our recent videos,  or you can mount your own visual electronics to the dashboard, in anyway you like. The front of the instrument panel  has a raised pocket  with a small perforation to house a small buzzer for battery low voltage alarm indication.
MIA Cyclops™ Molded Pilot Head, Half Torso, Instrument Panel, Decals KIT
(EDGE Solid Colors)  $15.75  
Select Color Choice
MIA CyclopsMolded Pilot Head, Half Torso, Instrument Panel, Decals KIT
(Carbon Pattern) $24.99
Carbon Pattern Kit

NEW!!! MIA 1.25 Articulated Pilot Figure with Animatronic Head
By customer requests.
We have added yet another option to take the Fun! of RC Ultralight Flying to a higher level!

This is MIA's Famous Pilot Figure that pilots all of our Ultralight models, beginning with the MIA EZ Trikes 1.25. as well as the MIA Quicksilver Style Ultralights and even MIA 1.25-1.5 size RC Autogyros and RC Helicopters.  The size is a bit larger than a GI-Joe figure, which makes it more visible,  but at a fraction of the weight and suitable for RC Ultralight models and customers who wish to have a more realistic and ultra lightweight articulated pilot figure on their model.

This Pilot Figure comes with a servo operated head ready to use.  An optional servo delay circuit and mixer can be also used to make the head move more slowly in proportion to the aileron, elevator or rudder control.

A sample video with the pilot mounted on our MIA EZ Trike 1.25, the figure hand grips can be positioned to a regular stick control mounted on side of the Ultralight seat or center to mimic real hand to stick control.       


MIA 1.25 Ultra Lightweight Articulated Pilot Figure - with Animatronic Head

MIA "Pusher" Rear Seat Motor Mounting KIT
as in MIA Original 2011 RC UL Conversion Kit for the GWS or HK Slow Stick
NOTE: We have added this setup back, also per requests of customers who wish to keep the front end of the model totally unobstructed for FPV flying.
With this setup you need to remove the extension of the Slow Stick boom  to make up for correct CG displacement due to weight of motor at the rear of the trike instead of at the front of the boom, as a typical Slow Stick setup.  The PRO to this  is a totally unobstructed front view for FPV. The CON to this is Rear Motor Mount is limited in height and you may need to go with smaller diameter prop and higher KV Motor than originally on your model.
MIA "Pusher" Rear Seat Motor Mounting KIT

GORGEOUS!!! MIA Quicksilver Style "Full" Aluminum and Carbon Rod Frame Kit

If you prefer a Quicksilver style RC Microlight "FULL" Aluminum Frame Kit go with the following setup.
The Real Quicksilver Inspiration
MIA's RC Version Methodically Simplified for Ease of Assembly and Versatility


You can still use the wings from the Slow Sticks or make your own as shown above. This is a gorgeous! MIA 2014 Blue anodized "ALL" aluminum tube with Natural aluminum square tube frame and Carbon Rods suitable for mounting motor behind the trailing edge of the wing. A true Quicksilver like UL in scale. Comes with Trike LG,  MIA Phantom Carbon Pattern seat and front panel, Battery Plate and Servo Brackets like on MIA Conversion UL kits for the Slow Sticks but has additional tubes, brackets, Carbon Rods and Hardware to make up the more realistic Quicksilver like structure. The motor is shown for reference and does not come with the Frame Kit.
MIA Quicksilver Style RC Ultralight Full Aluminum Frame Kit


MIA Phantom™ Carbon Pattern Seat/Front Panel Kit $15.75
MIA Phantom™ Carbon Pattern Triangular Side Panels Kit $9.99
Full Navigation Light Wired LED Kit $14.99
 MIA Photon"Wireless" LED  Red  and Green
With Built-In Batt. and  On-Off Switch Kit $21.99
  MIA Custom Decal Sheet  $9.99
MIA Anodized (Aqua-Blue)  Replacement Trike Frame Tubes Only  Kit $29.99
MIA Custom Pan-Tilt Camera Mount For 180 Servos (Coming...)
A Converted Slow Stick UL can Hold a GI-Joe figure for more realism and fun.
This setup does not use FPV gear as this would add considerable weight to the model and it is only
recommended and shown here for fun flights.
Typical Power: 850 to 1000 KV motor with a 9x6 prop and 3S 2400 mAH Li-pol Battery is a good start.

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