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MIA Upgrades
Although the various  Upgrades we make, were designed, specifically, for the associated helicopters, many of these will also work with similar other helicopters, not listed or shown in our web site.
Please enquire, via our
 E-mail , if you have a specific helicopter brand or model you wish to upgrade.

Welcome to MIA Micro-FLIGHT
Wide selection of Unique RC Products and Aftermarket Parts
If you like your models with Originality, Character and Personality, you've come to the right place.
We strive to offer products that set themselves apart from the typical and make your hobby more enjoyable.
 The beauty of manufacturing and selling  RC models is that I get to design and test whatever comes to my mind, some of the kits I offer in our web site have been proven already in real aircraft form and is a re-realization in a new original, creative, artistic and in smaller scale KIT form. However many of my designs are also new from ground up,  born from real aircraft inspiration.
The beauty of designing something new and experimental in RC form is that my life is not at risk in the testing and problem solving stages.  At worst case a new model aircraft design crashes and I have to build a new one, only time, and a money,  but human life has been spared.
 Many of you may have read stories about real aircraft pioneers and experimenters killed in their line of work. I feel that this can be avoided and risks minimized by designing experimental aircraft as an  RC model, first, testing and working out all bugs in this form before attempting to try the real thing.
 I would never put my life at risk in an aircraft that I don't know how it performs in model form first. RC Models provide a huge amount of information that one can extrapolate into making better and safer human carrying flying machines.
Having said this, and hopefully this year I will be able to strap myself to my personal flying machine, which I've been looking forward to unveil. No it will not be an airplane, microlight, gyrocopter or even helicopter in the traditional sense.
 In the meantime you can get a a bit of taste of it. from the way I've been designing, testing and refining MIA Micro-FLIGHT Models in general.

  First Quarter 2015
Sneak Peak of our Latest
MIA RAVEN™ Quicksilver Style RC Ultralight

Our MIA EZ™ 1.25 Trikes flying better than ever!

MIA EZ™ 1.25  Trike Kit RC Microlight got even better!
 In our constant endeavor to raise the bar with MIA designs and provide our customers with an awesome! product,
these super! MIA EZ™ Trike RC Microlight Kits come with
* MIA ACF™ (All Aluminum-Carbon Frame)
*MIA HPFW™ (High Performance Flex Wing) Rib Pocketed Rip-Stop Nylon Sail
* MIA SSAG™ (Self Stabilizing-Adjusting Geometry)  Direct Control System.
This MIA invention is a mechanical system  which has been refined further in order to  provide
unparalleled direct control and support to the wing, but also allow the wing geometry to self adjust and stabilize in flight.
MIA EZ™ 1.25 Gyro
A Sexy New RC Autogyro Conversion Kit
for the Durafly Auto G/G2
Mario I. Arguello's Original "Easy Autogyro" Control Parts
* MIA EZ™ Gyro Universal Aluminum Control Head
* MIA EG™ (Enhanced Geometry) Rotor Flex Plate
* MIA TTL-BB™ (Threaded Twist Lock - Dual Ball Bearing) Rotor Hub
* MIA TLMS™ (Thumb Lock Blade Mounting Screws)
No RC Microlight or RC Autogyro out there including some that also claim to be "trainer" models
flies like any in the MIA EZ™ Line. Check out all MIA EZ™ Line RC Model videos.

MIA RC Ultralights with Authentic Nylon Sail Parts


MIA Articulated Pilot Figure with Animatronics Head
 A bit larger than a GI-JOE Figure at a fraction of the weight!
Also Available for GWS or Hobby King Slow Stick UL Conversions
 or any project requiring a more realistic Ultra Lightweight Pilot Figure.  Read More and Purchase Here


The Slow Stick MIA UL Conversion Kits

Conversion Kit
Now in More Robust Aluminum Anodized Blue!
a Superb!  FPV Platform Read More an Purchase Here

NEW GORGEOUS !!! MIA Quicksilver Style
"Full" Aluminum and Carbon Rod Frame Kit

If you prefer a Quicksilver style RC Microlight "FULL" Aluminum Frame Kit
go with the following setup. Read More and Purchase Here


MIA EZ™ Gyro 1.5 Conversion Upgrade Kit (Pusher Bensen Style)
 for the Auto G/G2 RC Autogyro Read More and Purchase Here




A Fun Vector Control Ultralight Park Flyer 1:8 Scale  

MIA EZ (TM) VC 1.0 RC Ultralight Kit Options

Please allow 1 week for delivery USA Orders only

Stylish Super Park Flyer Micro Bensen Style RC autogyro Kit 1:8 Scale
What our customers are saying about our newly released MIA EZ Gyro Products!

Hi Mario - Well got three flights on it yesterday..far better leaving it in high rates as more control for me..end of last flight cut motor at altitude to check like a bys look amazing..impressive model and design and yes built like a tank....I am very interested in the conversion kit for the durafly. - Steve

Mario, You got a heck of a product, this is my first pusher autogiro. I started with an auto G, but I love the compact nature, performance and durability of your design and your blades are amazingly durable. After many attempts and crashing while getting the hang of it, I have not broken a single blade!  Thanks and keep up the great work. - Francisco
Hi mario, The ezgyro 1.0 is a rocket on full power with 3cell pack..gets you out of nasty situations with a blast of power...been flying mine on full rate and max throws..slow fly bys are a hoot to see...Need to make a bumble bee stickers for it as the general concensus at flying field it looks and sounds like a rabid bumble bee flying as has that distinctive sound..hell of a compliments. - Steve
Mario, your EZ autogyro is raising eyebrows at the field. I sent a couple buddies over to your site. I am amazed at how fast it flies on a 3S lipols and how docile it handles on 2S. No broken parts or blades yet, scuffing typical on the ends of the blades, but that's expected. I've tried a few autogyros out there and have gone through lots of broken  blades, seems to be the weak link of autogyros,  but  I'm very impressed with the EZ blades. You should consider making them larger and selling them for the auto gs, as well as others - Collin

Read More and Purchase Here



A Fun Stylish and High Performing Park Flyer RC Microlight 1:8 Scale
MIA EZ (TM) Trike 1.0 RC Microlight Kit
Please allow 1 week for delivery USA Orders only


Our unmatched MIA Phantom™ Carbon Pattern molded canopies and MIA TUFF™ LG
are the most durable, yet lightweight RC micro helicopter upgrade parts you can find.
In addition to making a stock helicopter look more serious and less toy like.
FOR YOUR Team Associated, AXIAL or SIMILAR
E-mail us for details
MIA Cyclops™ Multi-Rotor Upgrades for the Blade Nano and 180 QX

MIA EZ™ Vector Control Ultralight
Based on the Historical Demoiselle Airplane
MIA Ultralight Conversion Kit
for the Slow Sticks
Realistic and Super Stable Platform
for FPV Flights


Freestyle Art, Military, Fun, Insignias, International Flags, Police, Coast Guard, Vietnam Era, WWI, WWII, NASA, Rocketry. Often times Customers come to us to make them a custom paint scheme decal or art that they had on a real aircraft they owned or own. We match it in scale to the particular model.  

PLEASE E-MAIL US with your Request


Color Background option to match your model body color or paint scheme.
A small example, black silhouette on white for white model surfaces. Printed on yellow for models with yellow surfaces as photo of palm-size heli above.
 Printed on High Quality Vinyl media ready to trim peal and apply.

MIA S300
Coming soon for the Blade 120 SR
Just like the ones we do for the smaller palm-size helis but for sub-micro size
MPI, Military Stealth Brown, Dessert Tan and Olive Drab Scale Bodies

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Custom Decals



MIA Cyclops™ Camera Mount

Solution Graphics

  Sunday February 15, 2015 


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  A Message from MIA
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  very popular and as such,
  we have an overwhelming 
  number of viewers and 
  return customers.
  As always, we are very
  thankful to everyone who 
  has contributed to MIA
  Micro-FLIGHT's growth and
  we look forward  to continue
  to offer more exciting
  Got a great photo or video
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Over 13 years in the business, making some very cool flyable and durable stuff!
Many products MIA designs and offers originate as a result of us not finding what we want ourselves.

Video of  MIA Bumble Bee Sub-Micro Heli
Making Flight  History
We started making the first Micro Helis, in kit form, at a time when the world was only dreaming of these little flyers.  Soon after, we ventured into offering micro heli upgrades, due to the demand and need for such for less durable micro heli products coming into the market. During our early Micro and Palm-Size Heli experimental years, we built up our expertise at blending flyability, high durability and eye catchy aesthetical appeal.

With far too many RC Model manufacturing companies doing products that fall under the "typical", MIA also currently  offers unique Microlights and Ultralights kits for people who want something new, exciting and different. Check out MIA EZ™ line of products coming up.

Latest Multi Rotor super stable technology has brought to the
RC market many types of quad rotors. If this is your cup of tea, look into the cool MIA Cyclops™ Phantom Alien UFO Craft Upgrades we have for them.

Today in age, more people are getting into FPV (First Pilot View) or virtual flying of RC aircraft. If you are into this area, check out the MIA UL Conversion Kits and MIA Cyclops™ FPV Camera mounts we have for the popular Slow Stick airplane. A super lightweight platform for realistic and stable FPV flights.

 Coming 2014
An extensive line of MIA EZ™, Microlights, Ultralights, Trikes and other unique and exciting products.
We will also continue the well known MIA Phantom-Edge™ and MIA TUFF™aftermarket upgrade Line  for various new products.

Our Product Trademarks
At MIA we create all of our products with a unique design and manufacturing approach by using MIA established  methods, techniques and specific select parts which provide all our products an added performance, durability and realism edge. These characteristics have defined MIA Micro-FLIGHT.
Our Product Moto
We believe that the customer should buy a product once and keep that product for a long time. We do not make products with the intent to sell replacement parts that break easily, as every mass produced quick plug and play product out there is. As a result you get a much durable ( MIA TUFF™) product for your money, not to mention the performance, attention to detail and high cool factors.
Our Product upgrades
The specific products we select to upgrade are also products we carefully select, believe in and use. These are products that may have great reviews, perhaps new technologies, but can be enhanced further for additional performance, durability and or looks.  If these factors are minimal or not there, MIA upgrades will take these products to an even higher level!

If the Hobby is not Colorful and Fun :),  it is simply boring :(
Early on, when many companies remained with the basic natural, black and white parts,
MIA also ventured into offering a wide selection of colorful options to suit everyone's taste.
We are the only company in the world that produces RC hobby parts in almost every color you wish, including Military Custom Colors.
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