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 RC Helicopter Upgrades




Walkera Ladybird
  Multi-Copter Upgrades




  Durafly Auto-G/G2 Upgrades
  MIA MPG RC Autogyro Kit
  MIA MTG RC Autogyro Kit
  MIA Mini Robo RC Trike 
  MIA EZ™  RC Trike  1.0
  MIA EZ™  RC Trike  1.25
  MIA EZ™  RC Trike  1.5
  MIA EZ™  RC Trike  2.0
  MIA UL Conv. Kit Slow Stick
  MIA UL Quicksilver Style
  MIA Mini Robo RC UL 
  MIA EZ™  RC UL Vector Control
  MIA EZ™  RC UL 1.0
  MIA EZ™  RC UL 1.25
  MIA EZ™  RC UL 1.5
  MIA EZ™  RC UL 2.0

  MIA Pilot 1.25
  Pilot Figures Torsos
  Pilot Helmets
 Flight Instrument Panels

  MIA Instrument Panel Small
  MIA Instrument Panel Medium
  MIA Instrument Panel Large


  MIA Micro Helicopter Decals
  MIA Autogyro Decals
  MIA Microlight-Ultralight Decals
  MIA Boat Decals
  MIA Rock Crawler Decals
  MIA Car Decals


  MIA 000 Screwdriver
  MIA 001 Screwdriver
  MIA Micro Hex Nut Wrench
  MIA Micro Drill
 Materials and Adhesives


  CA Glue
  CA Accelerator
  Small Size Carbon Rods
  Small Size Fiberglass Sheets
  MIA Select :
  Carbon Pattern Plastic
  SQ Wood Stock
  SQ Aluminum Stock
  SQ HDS Plastic
  SQ ABS Plastic
  Round Rigid Plastic
  Round Flex Plastic
  RC Microlight Sail Mtrl.
  Heat Shrink Tubing


 MIA Select Micro Metal Screws
 MIA Select Micro Metal Washers
 MIA Select Micro Metal Nuts 
 MIA Select Micro Nylon Screws
 MIA Select Micro Nylon Washers
 MIA Select Micro Nylon Nuts
 MIA Select Nylon Clips 
 MIA Steering Wheel Horns
 MIA Wheel Pants Retainers


Looking for Unique RC Models? or Smart Upgrades for your existing RC product?

Welcome to

Home of the World's Most Realistic RC Microlight Pilot




Over 15 years in the business, pioneering, innovating, designing, manufacturing and bringing to the public some very cool and unique radio control rotary and fixed wing micro and ultralight flying model products in the form of full kits and aftermarket upgrades.

MIA's Mission has and still is, foremost, in understanding the needs of RC model enthusiasts (customers), within the scope of a constantly changing technology and broad RC hobby market. Taking this into account and blending it with years of experience designing, without limitation, all things related to Radio Control flying, MIA is better able to provide "smart solutions" in the form of useful, valuable and exciting, one of a kind, retrofits, upgrades and custom products, to help "you", the hobby enthusiast, get the most out of the hobby.

MIA takes pride by not following what everyone else is doing and applying smart and creative design and manufacturing approach and processes, all done  "in house" in the USA.  Using logical, practical, durable materials and hardware, with easy to assemble parts and modular components, all MIA original product kits, as well as aftermarket upgrade products reflect this MIA trademark characteristic.

MIA aftermarket parts offer not only a more attractive look, but also structural, mechanical and aerodynamic improvements and advantages over the stock product parts they replace. Many are derived from MIA's own original and earlier similar tested and proven products.

MPI, Military Stealth Brown, Dessert Tan and Olive Drab Scale Bodies


Around  2000 MIA Micro-FLIGHT was the first company to produce and  provide some of the very first ultra lightweight and highly durable Micro, Sub-Micro and MIA Palm-Size™ Helicopters, in kit form. Following up with metal, plastic and composite upgrades to enhance similar products made by other companies in later years.



It is no surprise nor something new for MIA to design composite modular frames also for Multirotor copters as these are far easier than the more complex fames MIA did, and still does for the RC Micro heli market.  MIA's latest FPV multirotor  SMART™ Industrial Grade products take advantage of this experience and the results are products with a solid crashproof structure, yet lightweight and high performing as can be seen in MIA product videos.


MIA's latest Custom Products include a Dual Seat Trike Frame option for the MIA Quicksilver style full aluminum carbon and nylon sewn sail RC Ultralight Kits.

MIA RAVEN™ Quicksilver Style RC Ultralight
Check out our Latest Ultralight Video
On Board Camera View Video

MIA EZ™ 1.25 Trike RC Microlight
See our MIA EZ™ 1.25 Trike Latest Video
MIA EZ™ 1.25 Autogyro and MIA EZ™ 1.25 Microlight
Same control for both products Video

MIA Articulated Pilot Figure with Animatronics Head


 MIA EZ™ 1.25 Trike RC Microlight Video

Original Single Seat Trike Frame Ultralight Conversion Kit
for the GWS or HK Slow Stick
A proven Superb! FPV Platform



Trike Frame Kit with Tail Section for a more elaborate Slow Stick Conversion.

GWS Conversion Kit Video1
GWS Conversion Kit Video2

MIA Quicksilver Style
"Full" Aluminum - Carbon - Nylon Sewn Sail Kit

  Original MIA Quicksilver Foamy Wing Version Video

MIA EZ™ Gyro Conversion Upgrade Kit
(A Sexy Pusher Bensen Style)
 for the Auto G/G2 RC Autogyro
Check Out our Latest MIA EZ™ 1.25 Gyro Video



Stylish Super Park Flyer Micro Bensen Style RC autogyro Kit 1:8 Scale
  MIA EZ™ 1.0 Gyro Video

A Fun Stylish and High Performing Park Flyer RC Microlight 1:8 Scale
MIA EZ™ 1.0 Trike Video 1


MIA EZ (TM) Trike 1.0 RC Microlight Kit
Please allow 1 week for delivery USA Orders only

 MIA Phantom™ Carbon Pattern molded canopies and MIA TUFF™ LG
are the most durable, yet lightweight RC micro helicopter upgrade parts you can find.
In addition to making a stock helicopter look more serious and less toy like.

Freestyle Art, Military, Fun, Insignias, International Flags, Police, Coast Guard, Vietnam Era, WWI, WWII, NASA, Rocketry. Often times Customers come to us to make them a custom paint scheme decal or art that they
had on a real aircraft they owned or own. We match it in scale to the particular model.  
PLEASE E-MAIL US with your Request


If the Hobby is not Colorful and Fun :)...
it is simply boring :(
Early on, when many companies remained with the basic natural, black and white parts,
MIA ventured into offering a wide selection of colorful options to suit everyone's taste.
We are the only company in the world that produces RC hobby composite and molded parts
in a variety of colors, including Military Custom Colors.









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