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User Agreement

Purchase of MIA products constitutes a binding legal agreement with these terms. 

Please read carefully.

 USER agrees to all responsibilities associated with the assembly and use of MIA products, as required of anyone assembling RC Models and as stated in this Agreement .

  USER agrees not to reverse engineer,  repackage or re-distribute the original MIA Micro-FLIGHT design product, which carries legal copyrights and or patents.

We have provided instructional videos, as required and as applicable, for some of our products, for the purpose of guiding the user in the assembly of such. Please study the videos before assembly. If you have any questions please ask via our EMAIL,  under Contact Us.

Due to the nature of some of our products, we ask the user to exercise caution, in handling tools and materials required to assemble, finish and decorate such.

MIA Micro-FLIGHT is not liable for any mishap that may result from use or misuse of MIA products. 

Some of  MIA products contain small  parts made from Plastic, Metal and Composite materials,  typically used for Radio Control Models, thus, these are not meant for children. These products and  parts are meant for mature Radio Control Model enthusiasts, that have already some knowledge of assembling miniature scale or RC models and working with similar materials and tools for assembling such.

Definition of User

MIA Distributors


MIA Dealers


End Product User

User is defined, as the person purchasing directly from MIA Micro-Flight,  whether MIA Distributors, Dealers or End Product Users.


MIA Products, DO NOT  grant anyone, a license for product duplication, in any form.




Do you suspect or know anyone that might be in violation of this agreement, or MIA Trademarks, Copyrights and or Patents?

Please report it to us,  via our Email.

This  information you provide to us, is important, and will be kept confidential.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort in continuing to keep up with our well-known,  MIA trademark of doing creative, original, and cool products, for over 15  years, and which  have earned us the trust of  a great loyal base of customers. 

In order to protect this interest, we report all fraud and will take any necessary legal steps, against anyone or company, found to be in violation of MIA Products' User  Agreement, MIA Trademarks, Copyrights and  or Patents.

Any Content of this site, including, text, pictures, art, format, structure, MAY NOT be lifted or copied without MIA Micro-FLIGHT's (Mario I. Arguello) written approval.

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