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August 20, 2011

We have not been able to get away from the workload, and once again, if you have had to wait a little longer than our usual 3-5 day shipping schedule, this is the reason why.

Our MIA Combo Kit Upgrades for the Blade mCPX are currently hot items and we have to  ask folks, once again, to be patient. Although we have increased our personnel, assembling many of the unique items we offer, takes a certain amount of skill to do it properly and achieve a high level of standards.  This skill is only acquired through years of practice and unfortunately not many people have these skills, off the board.

The very same nature of our products is what keeps us busy, but also poses a challenge when people start to catch on and  start ordering faster than anticipated. We have to work round the clock to keep up with demand,  and there is very little time to sit down and train someone to bring them up to speed. For example, although and perhaps not apparent to some readers, or customers' eyes, every canopy and scale body shape poses a new manufacturing challenge,  a great amount of work has to be done methodically and carefully.  This, as I mentioned, takes time to do it right. 

Even though MIA uses many manufacturing processes, including computer controlled machinery, there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done by trained and skilled hands.  For example, the seams of a canopy or scale body needs to be manually assembled  because it is very difficult to program a machine to mimic the dexterity and sensitivity of human hands and fingers. Even with the assistance of robotic equipment, and careful attention to detail, many things can go wrong. Through many years of experience, we have found, in some cases, slower hands-on assembly of said items is more beneficial as opposed to faster mass manufactured items, many of which don't hold  up or look quite as well.

Let me share with you a closer view.

Blade mcpx upgrades

This photo is a truthful representation of our latest product in kit form, as it should appear assembled and mounted to the Blade mCPX helicopter by the user/customer.
We recommend that MIA product design  not be modified, by altering, cutting or drilling into parts as this compromises the structural integrity and performance.  Keep in mind that MIA designs every product with the goal of providing a more robust and stable  setup than in stock form.   Although we don't expect everyone to be in agreement with our product design approach,  there is a good degree of engineering,  practical logic and artistry to make it favorable for its intended application.   We hope that MIA product  instructional and flight videos show all these qualities and will help our customers and readers make an educated decision. 
About Weight Specs:

Weight values are not placed next to our products because it is easy to negate the better reasons of the upgrade product intended application.  Based strictly on making parts lighter than the stock ones, compromises the structural integrity.  There is a balance here that has to be considered carefully not only from a manufacturing standpoint,  but also from an user need and skill level.  It is a give and take situation and if you are somewhere in between, I think you will benefit from MIA Upgrades.  Please take this into consideration when selecting the specific upgrade product for the suggested and intended application.

We have various videos designed to show MIA products as described so potential customers can make a clear decision. If the stock  Blade mCPX 3D capable helicopter flies great upright with plenty power,  with a full MIA Phantom or MIA Edge Combo Kit upgrade, there is not reason that it shouldn't fly the same inverted in the hands of a skilled RC heli pilot. Keep in mind, user should not expect the same results as shown in our videos with the addition of other aftermarket parts or modifications, as this, depending on the additional upgrade, can add or diminish performance.  If you intend to do a BL setup with the MIA Combos kits, you will have a more robust platform than the stock form, also more power than we show in our videos.


About Carbon Plate vs. Fiberglass Plate

I want to touch up on one issue that I think needs clarification for those that are probably not familiar with some pros and cons of  carbon vs. fiberglass thin flat plates.  Contrary to the fact that carbon is indeed stronger than fiberglass, for many applications, it is not a good selection for making flat, small, thin wall and narrow long parts, such as miniature LG struts and similar.  This revelation, also to our surprise, came while we were making the MIA Upgrades for the first Walkera 4#3 helicopter, in particular the highly appealing skinny LG struts, shown below. Carbon LG struts, and any similar parts, this narrow and small, were not holding up as well as ones made from fiberglass plate of the same thickness, they looked great though!. The answer was in understanding how composite flat sheet materials are manufactured.

 In order to obtain the attractive carbon weave pattern that many of us like, carbon plate is typically made from laminations of material weaved much coarser than fiberglass, but in the application of the parts described its not as favorable. Under same applied forces and loads, the carbon plate (coarser weaving)  can delaminate easier than a fiberglass plate, which typically has a tighter and stronger weave. 

It is also much easier to work with fiberglass plate parts from both manufacturing and user assembly standpoints .  If you keep this in mind,  you will understand why we deviated from and are so keen on making most of our miniature products, such as our LG struts, fins and braces, from fiberglass instead of weaved carbon plate. We felt that in some parts and applications if it best to sacrifice looks for strength.


Recent Comments Received by MIA customers.
As always, please contact us if you have any concerns or questions and we'll be glad to help you directly..
 Thank you - MIA
I am active on some of the rc heli boards and read some negative reviews of your service.  When I was making my decision and forming an opinion what made a difference to me was that you are a small American company trying to be competitive with offshore products.  I know how tough it is to run a business today and decided to go with your products.  Your polite response affirms that decision and I will make sure to mention it online.  Thank you for the quick response, I look forward to receiving my products.  Keep producing original products I love your whole line up. 

Sent from my iPad
Marc Gebeloff
Thank you! Your products are awesome! Sturdy, strong and COOL! What about your videos on the 120SR? Thanks again and more power to you and your products!
Welvin Zabala


you guys rock
it came in just before I had to leave. I will be installing this mod to my sr when I get to the jobsite.
Kudos to you for your persistence.


Hey Mario.
I am leaving on a job this sunday is there any way to get this before I leave.
I would love to take this with me to the jobsite I am traveling too.
Also are there detailed directions as to how to install this?
Bill D Schonfelder


Thanks again for everything. I just received the parts today and they are already on my 120 and looking good!! I will recommend you guys to everyone that likes the upgrade kit I did!!

Thanks again
Marc Smith
Many thx. I don't know how I could have missed such clear instructions. Congrats, a high quality product with a lot of attention to detail kit. I should pass the good word around.

Best Regard,
Roger A. Pena
Hello. Sylvia.. Just wanted to thank you again. I have received it. Please keep up the great work. Many thanks to you and your Great customer service.. have a Great Day.
Leroy Flemmings
MIA A-STYLE LG - Blade 120
Hi Mario, many thanks for your reply, that sounds fantastic thank you.

Can i please accept your offer of the complimentary kit of the stronger kits, plus one additional at my cost, one black one silver (if no silver, both black is fine, or any other colour you think might look cool with the black/green MIA canopy i already have.).

Please let me know the total, and how i would pay for it? I am super keen to forward the funds and have it in the post as soon as you’re able, but i know you must be very busy.

I think as you have been so generous i can afford to go by priority mail in the small box as indicated below..

Brilliant customer service Mario, just brilliant.
Best Regards,
Nicholas Bonney
If I haven't already told you, I love the boom support bonus you guys gave me. I love it so much that I wanna buy 3 more with LG. Can you hook me up?
Michael P Barnet
Hi Sylvia,
New body arrived today, looks great can't wait to fit it, I wasn't expecting it for another week at least. Great service and at a much better delivery cost, we are all happy.
Keith Nelson
Thank you. Through this ordering process I have read many negative comments about MIA and naturally became concerned that I might not get what I paid for. I would imagine that if you can streamline your business from when the customer sees their money deducted from their account to the part where it gets sent, a lot of these comments would go away on their own. I know it is easy to say this from my position not knowing your workload, but it looks like you have a lot of good things to offer and you could really benefit with quicker service.

Best of luck and thanks for getting my order in the mail.


Dale Daniels

I agree with this customer but I have not been too keen on changing from Paypal to a typical shopping cart with automated responses, because I think most of our customers appreciate the more personal correspondence, we exchange during a purchase transaction, even though it may not be as fast as we all like it to be, under certain circumstances, it is not always the case. I appreciate constructive criticism and valid comments from our customers and is reason I elected to place this in this section. MIA
Canada Shipping

The item came today and it looks great. Thanks so much for shipping it at a
reasonable price. Most people like to overcharge when they send to Canada.

Thanks again,

I'm sure I'll be a repeat customer,

Darcy Sophie Wruk
Hi Mario,
Just dropping you a short email to let you know that the replacement skid arrived this morning and to say a big Thank You!

Kindest regards

Rolf Prommel
 This Customer "willnate35" had a legit issue with one of our parts that I was not aware of until I saw his video. Nothing wrong with the original part he received, except that if you push too hard on the snap on LG strut, the risk of breaking the G10 grips. G10 is fiberglass composite and is quite strong when the right thickness and part design is considered. Our material supplier had sent us the wrong size, off by a few thousands, something we missed, and made the part this customer  received weaker around the strut inserts. I stumbled on this video and wrote to this customer, we shared some information which helped me verify and clarify the issue.  I sent him a replacement with the proper thickness and a small mod, just in case, to provide extra support for the snap on struts, just in case someone with stronger hands pushed them in a little too hard. We also changed the LG SKID Mounting as can be seen in this video with a better and more solid  attachment method and matched the parts more closely, in color, to the stock black plastic Blade SR frame.


My personal thanks to WillNate35. MIA

Dear Customers:

I would like to address and bring upfront, to all our past, present and future customers, and to hopefully dismiss any misconceptions or suspicions about MIA Micro-FLIGHT, a great small company but with some snags still to be resolved. I will try to keep this short and to the point, without loosing some of the important things, I feel MIA customers need to hear from me.

MIA, in general, would like to apologize to any previous customers who have felt or feel our operation is less than perfect. Like any small company, we experience growing pains and try to resolve all of our customer's issues on a timely manner.

We realize that our shipping operation needs to be more efficient, and we are working towards it. I have read some internet blogs, with negative comments about MIA Micro-FLIGHT and I want to reassure anyone reading them, that first of all, we are not running a scam operation, as has been illustrated by some irate customers who feel that MIA is going to take their money and run. MIA has been around for ten years, and we have not come this far with dealers and customers worldwide if that was the case. MIA is not going anywhere but back to the shop to develop more cool stuff, as time and God allows.

MIA is small a company, with unique and popular items and at times it is challenging and difficult, during several periods of the year, but especially during the holidays, to attend to every single issue immediately. We try to provide helpful and satisfying customer support, always, but during busy times, as time permits, and respectfully request your patience.


It's been our goal since establishing MIA Micro-FLIGHT, that our product not be mass produced overseas, and that great durable products can still be made in the USA and distributed worldwide.

MIA, like any company, and myself, personally, have had to deal with criticism from various angles, including discontent customers who have blog'ed of our poor service.  As much as I like reading positive comments about our company, I also read the negative comments posted. Please rest assured, every customer’s issue is resolved, as I do not let one go without giving it some serious and calm thought. But while there are legit issues, some are not, and one in my position, has to be careful about interpreting what is legit and what is made up and address each issue accordingly.

So, how do I balance all these things, so that everyone involved is a little happier? Including the most important people of all, MIA Micro-FLIGHT's, past, present and future customers?

MIA’s staff and I have discussed this issue, and so for things to run more smoothly...
I do not guarantee a perfect transaction every time, as any business logistics are never perfect, but MIA’s staff and I are going to do our best to fulfill a higher customer service experience. We would like to turn around those negative comments from some of you into positive ones and add them to our long list of positive testimonials we have received throughout the years.

After reading this, perhaps, some new customers are still not going to feel at ease, with their transaction, but you have my sincere focus and effort,  into making things smoother from this point on. Please refer to our
FAQ. We do ask, you to remember, you are dealing with human beings and request your respect with the language you use when addressing us.  
If you're also sincere, grant us the opportunity to assist you with a little patience during our busiest times.

Thank you for your time.
Mario I. Arguello - MIA Micro-FLIGHT


March 26,2011
Since our original posting on Dec 18, 2010, we have received many positive responses and in increase in business, as well as additional work load, a reflection of an improvement, and of our continued effort to keep up with the daily challenges of our business and our solid focus to continue to provide customers with useful, and uplifting upgrades.
Although we are still working towards getting products shipped, as fast as possible, and dealing with some difficult customers and some who perhaps are not yet familiar with us, or our operation, for the most part I think we have made a measurable improvement, but nevertheless the efforts don't stop there.  This is an ongoing challenge as we continue to expand.
I wanted to add an update to this page, it is one of many similar comments we have received since my original posting of Dec 18, 2010. 
In order to keep this short and to the point, I limited the positive responses, on this page, to the following letter recently sent by a MIA customer. It is addressed directly to me,  but I think he meant to address it to MIA, in general, as my staff is a vital part of every return and happy customer.
Dear Mario,

I happend to read your letter on the Micro-Flight website. I would like to speak from a customer's perspective.

There are obviously some who have been unhappy, and I am not trying to tell them how to feel about their situations. You acknowledged a need to become more efficient. You also made some statements about yourself and Micro-Flight. I have to say that my experience leads me to believe every word you wrote.

I emailed you many questions before I was even a customer. You answered every one within a day or so. I was asking about a cheap landing gear upgrade! Didn't matter. You answered every question patiently. I ordered the landing gear. When it came, I had what seemed to be a problem fitting it. You emailed me back and forth regularly, finally asking if I would mind sending you photos so you could be sure of what was going on! You diagnosed the problem (manufacturing tolerances on a piece you buy) and sent me off an improved design at no cost to me. Again, this is for a guy who only bought a set of landing gear!

Was it good business on your part? Absolutely—I'm planning now for my next order, and it won't just be for landing gear! And I'm totally confident dealing with Micro-Flight—I much prefer to deal with a mom-and-pop type business, and at this point, dealing with Micro-Flight means you're dealing with Mario. I like that. You've proven yourself to me, and I look forward to doing business with you. My fellow pilots should not think twice about ordering—and for the record, folks, Mario did NOT ask me to write this, and I get NOTHING from him for doing it. I just feel bad when I read about a good guy being misjudged.

So that's my two cents!

My sincere thanks to Ben and other MIA customers for their support, patience and understanding.

































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