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MIA Robin 280 - Micro Helicopter -Circa 1999

Parts List



   MIA    Robin 280 1999

In 1985, I established MIA Designs, a part time company to sell simple lightweight balsa and paper helicopter kits, which developed from a passion with rotary-wing models.

No one was offering anything similar to what I was offering and so the obvious decision was to move on to the next level.

In 1998, I established MIA Micro-FLIGHT, a sister company to MIA Designs, to realize a dream, of making available to the public lightweight , miniature  Radio Control flying helicopters, that could be purchased in kit form. These would be inexpensive and could be built easily and be flown in the comfort of one's home, backyard, or a small park. 

I called this dream,  the Micro Heli vision. This dream became a reality in 1999, when I made available, to the public, The Robin 280, World's First Ultra-Light RC Electric  Micro Helicopter Kit.

Since the Robin, my quest was to further miniaturize model helicopters and expand the hobby markets into other categories, which eventually, I did.

Currently the smallest full function working helicopter I have been able to produce is, in the Palm-Size category. However, this has not limited my designs and ideas into even smaller, Finger Size™ helicopters for personal use.

Similar Micro, Sub-Micro and Palm Size helicopter products have come out from other companies with similar attributes to MIA Helicopters since the Robin.




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