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Essential Tools-Materials
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#000 Star Head Precision Screwdriver

Palm-Size helis require ~Finesse~
Most similar size small screwdrivers and even those labeled Micro Screwdrivers are bulky and do not have the precision touch  that MIA screwdrivers have.  Developed specifically for:
All Palm-Size Helis and Projects requiring extra precision
Walkera 4#3s, CB100, 5G6, Lama's, 4G3, 4G6, 4#6, etc.
Novus CX, FP, CP
Buzz Fly CX, FP, CP
Nine Eagles Solo's
E-Flite Blade mCX, S300, mSR
#00 Star Head Precision Screwdriver
Precision Hole Making Tool

Currently supplied with the MIA
TUFF LG ™ kits for the CB100 and 4G6 helicopters to enlarge LG Mounting holes to MIA standard micro screw self-threading mounting hole dimensions.


Precision Hobby Knife and Spare Blade Kit

Precision Hobby Knife and 10 Spare Blade Kit. A great set for all hobby needs requiring  precision cutting. Knife handle has knurled and rubbery grip.
Hobby Grade
High Quality CA Glue

Note: Not all CA (Cyano-Acrylate)  glues are the same!

Highly recommended CA glue for all model assembly applications which requires a high quality CA adhesive. We've selected this CA glue after trying various brands and types and finding that this one work bestl with MIA model assembly applications. Hobby Grade High Quality CA glue.

CA glues that come in small tubes as those sold in hardware stores, Home Depot, Walgreen's, Walmart, K-Mart,  etc., are not of the quality and consistency required for best Hobby Model assembly.

Hobby Grade
High Quality CA Glue Accelerator

Highly  recommended CA Glue Accelerator for all model assembly applications which requires a high quality CA adhesive. A  good match to the CA Glue we offer.   Recommended application is to "brush" lightly one part to be glued with CA Glue, to form an instant bond or applied lightly with disposable brush or toothpick to CA bead joint to speed up part assembly process.

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