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MIA MD 500E  - Blade MCX Heli
Landing Gear, Stabilizer and Body assembly and  Installation Instructions
G10 Parts Tree
has two "A" shaped
strut and battery bracket support  arms and two Struts with skids.
Kit Parts

Light Plastic Scale Body Assembled (with front access for installing mechanics and bottom access for LG and Battery installation)


Clear Front Window (attaches to bottom of Body with tape)


Light Plastic Stabilizers (requires assembly with CA Glue)


G10  Fiberglass Lightweight Landing Gear (requires assembly with CA Glue)


Thin Vinyl Decal sheets for stripes numbers and Logo (cut , peel and apply) 


1) Gently remove the stock plastic landing gear from MCX frame.
2) Carefully break off the G10 landing gear parts from the G10 parts tree.
3) Assemble the G10 (fiberglass) "A" arms/battery support brackets to the struts by, first, test fitting to make sure struts to "A" arms support install square, then glue with medium viscosity CA glue to form the A-shaped Landing Gear assembly.
4) Gently trim the rear "A" arm G10  battery support area bracket to remove weight.
5) Trim the Vertical and horizontal stabilizer parts that match the supplied body and assemble with medium viscosity CA glue. Make sure the stabilizers and wing tips are glued nice and square as in the photos.
6) Install new stabilizer assembly with CA glue to the body at the rear of the boom. Note the boom has a small raised rectangular key, this is for the matching molded pocket on the vertical stabilizer, so aligning and gluing is easier.
Install the MCX frame/mechanics from the front of the body, by inserting one side of the mounting stock canopy support upper arm first, then the other one, you will need to carefully open the front of the body to do this. You do not need the lower canopy support arms since the G10 Landing Gear assembly will hold the frame in place.
8) Install the G10 Landing Gear assembly from the bottom by carefully inserting the G10 landing gear assembly top mounting pegs into the stock MCX plastic frame's landing gear support. Do Not CA glue! if the fit is loose, use Elmers rubber contact cement instead to provide a "sticky" retaining press fit. You want to be able to remove the LG and the contact cement allows this.
Install the front window using a small piece of scotch tape or a piece of the vinyl decal material to hold the window in place at the bottom of the front body, the top of the window gets tucked inside the top of the body like in the photos.
10) Carefully trim the vinyl decal stripes, numbers and logos and apply using the photos as reference. The vinyl decals have a special adhesive that allows them to be repositioned easy so if you miss aligning the decals the first time, simply lift and reposition. Make sue the surface is clean and dry before application of decals. You can use 1/16" wide strips of decal material to do the window framing.



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