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MIA Upgrades for Various Helicopters...Walkera, E-Flite, Heli-Max, Nine Eagles, Hirobo, E-Sky, Nine Eagles, Kyosho...
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MIA Upgrades
Although the various  Upgrades we make, were designed, specifically, for the associated helicopters, many of these will also work with similar other helicopters, not listed or shown under this section.
Please enquire, via our
 E-mail , if you have a specific helicopter brand or model which  requires  more durable upgrades.
Customer Testimonials      

Blade MCX Upgrades

I just received the Phantom kit for the MCX.  I've had the MCX about a week or so.  It's been a great little heli to mess around with inside and, being that I travel a lot, it will probably get the hotel tour as well.

The kit is extremely nice.  I can't compliment you enough on it.  The parts are top quality, the fit was great (other than just a touch of trimming around the swash plate and control rods on the canopy...all of 2 minutes worth of trimming).  I'm amazed how well the little chopper flies.  Much more precise control.  I actually feel like I'm actually flying the thing and not just trying to dodge walls and obstacles.  And the looks is amazing....it looks really mean now.
Thanks for a great product at a really fair price.  Please keep it up.


Hi there, well I successfully removed the factory pieces without breaking anything and I discovered that the fiberglass part snaps in and is a very tight fit, no glue needed there at all. Which is nice in case you want to replace it later on.
Anyway, it was a piece of cake and the helicopter does look ton's better. It sits lower and wider, and no longer look's like everybody else's toy. Great product, thank you! MC


 MIA Upgrades


Little play on a phrase I just wanted to put in a little plug for Mario at MIA. I installed his flybars and a shaft collar standoff kit this evening and I gotta tell ya I dam near have a hands free hover for 15 seconds on a 4#3b. Those bars are incredible. They are about 3/4 of an inch longer and weighted. The stand off collar eliminates any slop in the swash without any binding pressure on the plate.
Also that dinky little screw driver for the blade screws is worth it's weight in gold. I have a really good set of WIHA drivers made in W.Germany and Mario's screw driver is as good a quality, but better fit for those annoying little Philips blade screws.
I'm ordering more performance stuff from MIA. Great Stuff!!



Walkera 4#3 Upgrades

Hi, I bought one of your upgrade kits for the Walkera 43b. First of all I would like to congratulate you for the excellent and amazing work you're doing. I wish more people were as committed and perfectionist as you are.

Walkera 4#3 Upgrades


Dear Sylvia,
...the training set with the springy legs for the 4#3 is the best, and a very elegant solution. I would have saved 100's of dollars on ruined sub-minis if I had seen them earlier.

Walkera 52# Upgrades


Hi Mario

The 52 Flies great now such an improvement thanks for a great upgrade. A CNC head conversion would be the icing on the cake now I think any plans for one? I will be your first customer :)


Walkera 4#3 and 5G6 Upgrades



I recently received my order of Mia parts for my 4#3B and 5G6-1.  I have purchased many items previously, but this is my first order directly from you.

I must say your upgrades are very innovative and have all worked as advertised.  I am looking forward to the new MCX Hughes body, to try on my 5G6-1 and Walkera Lama2’s.

I currently use the older tubular design on my 4#3B’s, which are fantastic and unbreakable.

I also use your red custom flybar weights and canopy. 

Keep up the great work!  My Trex 450’s and Gaui 200’s are getting dusty, as I have rediscovered indoor flying, thanks to your upgrades.



MIA Upgrades in General

Hello Mario,

I have to admit the job you have done with all this upgrades is fantastic.



I am on a business trip and got to my hotel and read my messages. Mario was on the ball. He shipped my replacement without asking for the old one back. He even sent me the tracking number. And PM me too.

Thanks Mario. Q- Brotherhood of the Quark



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Tuesday May 11, 2010
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