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MIA Upgrades for Various Helicopters...Walkera, E-Flite, Heli-Max, Nine Eagles, Hirobo, E-Sky, Nine Eagles, Kyosho...
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MIA Upgrades
Although the various  Upgrades we make, were designed, specifically, for the associated helicopters, many of these will also work with similar other helicopters, not listed or shown under this section.
Please enquire, via our
 E-mail , if you have a specific helicopter brand or model which  requires  more durable upgrades.
About MIA 


MIA Micro-FLIGHT is a small, USA company, that designs, develops and manufactures unique and original radio control (RC) model kits with emphasis on   rotary wing and ultra-light miniature aircraft.

We also do original retrofits and upgrades to improve the performance, durability and look of other RC products, we believe, that can benefit from them.

We offer these products, exclusively and directly, to RC Model Enthusiasts, as well as, to Hobby Distributors, who are looking for products, with that extra touch of realism, durability and unique custom look.

was established in 1999,  an extension to MIA Designs , which was established in the early 80's. We started part-time, by offering some basic Rubber Powered Flying Model  Kits, Plans, Do-It-Yourself Parts,  and since 1999, have expanded to a Products and Services oriented company.
MIA Hobby Products are aimed at customers, who prefer to build from kits, and wish to have more flexibility and control over the look or RC equipment, they can choose from and use, in their models.
MIA Services are aimed at companies and people, that require assistance, with creative projects. These can be as simple as  providing a graphic design or a full turn-key project management service.
Our main focus is simple, to provide great  products, creative experience and knowledgeable service to our customers.
Thank You for choosing MIA

Mario I. Arguello
(President - Owner)

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Wednesday May 12, 2010
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