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MIA Micro-FLIGHT Decals

MIA Vinyl Sticker Decals
Colorful   Versatile  Repositionable


Applying MIA Decals is a very simple process, but to obtain professional results, please take a moment to read though this section.

About MIA CVRVS Decals
The name CVRVS stands for Colorful, Versatile and Repositionable Vinyl Sticker, I thought this would best describe our MIA Decals and so that is how that name was born.
I am of the opinion that there is no right or wrong way to attach decals to a model, especially "freestyle design" ones (for non-scale applications), so long as their layout flows with the shape of the item they are being applied to, looks professional and most importantly, it makes the user-viewer happy with the end result. For this reason, I elected to design MIA decals with a versatile approach, so they could be used in various applications and layouts, in a creative way, perhaps, only limited by size of the model and user's layout preference.
Our product photos with MIA decals are only a reference, but a person can, for instance, cut the decals strategically to allow a wider range of layouts and aesthetical effect possibilities, within the specific area to be applied to. Furthermore, both, the printed areas, as well as white unprinted vinyl material can be used, creatively, to form other custom trimmings and lettering. 

From the simplest of MIA Decal layouts using, for instance, white or single color, thin trim strips, on dark color canopies, which works exceptionally well on MIA Phantom™ carbon pattern canopies, to more colorful and complex decal layouts, using color canopies and bodies, the end result can be very satisfying, adding that especial finishing, custom or personal touch to a model.


About the MIA Decal Material
The thin light weight vinyl into which MIA Decals are printed is coated with a special adhesive which allows the decals to be repositionable, without loosing its sticky properties. You can reposition the decal a few times and the decal will still stick to a clean surface, but we highly recommend that repositioning be kept to a minimum, no more than 2 times, if possible.  The thin vinyl medium also allows for the decal to be installed easier around compound curves and crevices, by "slightly" stretching it, much easier and best of all, will not tear, as a water slide decal does, if you stretch the material to much, during application.

Tips on Applying MIA Decals for Professional Results

Tools Required:
Small Scissors, Hobby Knife, Small Metal Ruler or Straight Edge, Cutting Mat, Flat Table Surface, and some Soft non-coated Kleenex Tissues.

Before cutting, give some thought as to the final layout. If you are simply applying the decals as per our product photos, then just cut around the perimeter of each printed area to match or product photo references.

Optionally, you can customize further, with a bit of creativity, by studying the printed designs and the surface to be applied to, then decide how the design layout would best appeal to your particular taste. Remember, there is no wrong or right way to apply freestyle design decals.
Once the decals are trimmed you can also play with the layout so long as the backing material is not removed until final application.

Most of MIA Decals have a wider printed border to match the same color as the canopy or scale body, they are designed for. This is to allow the user some room for cutting error, yet allow the cut edges to blend with the color of the canopy or scale body. This is not a hard rule, as in some cases, it may be desirable to allow some contrast between the decal edges and canopy color. But if you wish to stay within the same color as the canopy, try to trim, cleanly, in the middle of this matching color border for best results.
We try to keep the border color of the decals as close as possible, to the canopy or scale body color, but in some cases the colors may be slightly different due to printer, ink variations. We use high quality printers and our own especial light protective coating to further protect the printed areas.

Plan twice Cut once!

Applying decals with professional results takes a bit of planning and patience. Use a comfortable small hobby scissors to trim around curves.  While you can also use a hobby knife, with a sharp new blade, to carefully trim around curves, it is preferable for straight line cutting, using a metal ruler, as a guide. But which ever way you are accustomed to and feels more comfortable, is OK too.
Please observe safety, at all times, when working with hobby cutting tools. Always cut away from your body and hands.
For professional results, use a quality cutting mat or flat stiff cardstock material, as a backing, when doing cuts with a hobby knife.
Use a clean and flat table surface so that straight cuts are clean and precise.

Surface Preparation - In this case, it would be the plastic vacuum-formed canopy or scale plastic body.

Although MIA Vinyl Decals can be applied directly to the canopy or scale body plastic surface, without especial surface preparation, it is recommend that the area to be applied to, be cleaned lightly and gently with a dry soft Kleenex tissue for better decal adhesion. Then, gently blow any light dust away from the surface, before application of the decal.

This is desirable to remove any fingerprints and light surface dust, which may be present during handling of the canopy or scale body. Do not use cleaning solvents, as some will eat away some plastics. Also try not to leave heavy fingerprints on the surface of the canopy or scale body while preparing it for the decals. Work with clean and dry hands.

Application to Surface

To peel off the decal from the protective backing sheet, carefully poke with the sharp tip of a hobby knife the corner of the decal backing and lift it, it should peel gently away from the vinyl side. Once this is started, simply peel off the rest of the backing material.
Try not to touch the adhesive side with fingers too much.  Do not drop the backing material on the floor and leave it there, as this material can be slippery. Please dispose of it properly, as soon as it is removed from the vinyl decal.

MIA Edge and MIA Phantom canopies for the E-Flite Blade 120 SR helicopter.

Apply the decal using our product photos, at this site, as reference, or as you wish, for further customization. The photo above,  shows how the same decal, but in different color, was trimmed around the windows area, to produce a slight different aesthetical effect on each canopy. On the MIA carbon pattern canopies, I like to leave the window areas open, so that the carbon pattern shows through. This is a personal preference and again, there is no right or wrong way, go with what appeals to you the most and makes you happy.
If for some reason you missed the target area, at first, simply lift off the decal, using the tip of a hobby knife under a sharp decal corner and your thumb over the printed surface, pull off gently and re-apply carefully and slowly, starting at one corner and working
your way gently through the rest of the decal area. Do not rub off hard on the printed surface.
If  required, use  gentle blotting action with fingertips, to flatten the decal on the surface. Also, it helps, greatly, to plan the cuts and layout, earlier, so not to have to cut the decals, once they are peeled from their protective backing material, as this make cutting them, clean, very challenging.
Applying MIA Decals around curved surfaces
Although it is easier to apply thin strips around curves by slightly stretching the material around the curve area, in small increments, this is ideal for window frame trimmings such as on the MIA S300 and MD500 scale body windows and thin long decorative trims on the body sides or boom section, wider decal areas will also conform to curved surfaces by slightly tugging the vinyl material around them and working to form around the decal area gently. Some examples are shown below and throughout this page.

Custom Decal Applications on Various MIA Micro Heli Canopies and Scale Bodies
Courtesy of MIA Customers


Simple Custom MIA Retro Canopy and Fin on a Hirobo Quark SRB Helicopter

Additional Examples of MIA Decals applied to various helicopter
canopies and bodies.







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