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The Following are Product Trademarks of MIA (Mario I. Arguello) Micro-FLIGHT

MIA Designs™ MIA Original 1985 Company Name (MIA Micro-FLIGHT Branch)
MIA Micro-FLIGHT™ MIA Current Company Name since 1999
MIA Palm-Size™ MIA Original Palm-Size RC Helicopter Line
MIA Glyphics™ MIA Decal Graphics
MIA A-Strut™ MIA RC Helicopter A shape LG Design
MIA EGA™ MIA Enhanced Geometry Aerodynamics
MIA Cyclops™ MIA Single Lens Camera Pilot Helmet designed for FPV and Video recording
MIA Condor™ MIA Electric RC Microlight
MIA Silhouette™ MIA RC Helicopter Design
MIA Hurricane™ MIA RC Airplane Design with Male Pilot with Swept Back Hair
MIA Breeze™ MIA RC Airplane Designs with Female Pilot with Swept Back Hair
MIA Bumble Bee™ MIA Sub-Micro RC Helicopter
MIA House FLY™ MIA Palm-Size RC Helicopter
MIA Robin 280™ MIA Micro RC Helicopter
MIA Sport LE™ MIA Slow FLY RC Micro Helicopter
MIA Falcon™ MIA Sub-Micro RC Helicopter
MIA Shark™ MIA Rubber Powered Helicopter
MIA Feather™ MIA Rubber Powered Helicopter
MIA 1-2-3 RB™ MIA Rubber Powered Helicopter
MIA Angelis™ MIA Electric RC Microlight
MIA Slow-FLY™ MIA Model Aircraft Line for Indoor Flight
MIA BBW™ MIA Bensen-Brock-Wallis inspired RC Autogyro
MIA Bullet™ MIA Palm-Size RC Helicopter Combo Upgrade Blade MCPX-BL
MIA Air-Ram™ MIA RC Helicopter Canopy with Air Intakes
MIA Magic Wand™ MIA RC Helicopter Motor-Torque Rod -Tail Gear Transmission Upgrade
MIA Robin 3-50™ MIA Free-FLIGHT Electric Helicopter
MIA 47G-RB™ MIA Bell 47G Rubber Powered Helicopter
MIA Photon™ MIA Custom LED Navigation Lights for RC Model
MIA Roto-Trike™ MIA 2in1 Autogyro - Microlight
MIA BAT™ MIA Bat Series
MIA Diablo™ MIA Palm-Size RC Helicopter Combo Upgrade Blade MCPX-BL
MIA Uniflybar™ MIA Single Piece CNC Machined Composite RC Helicopter Flybar
MIA PARH™ MIA RC Helicopter Pitch Adjustable Rotor Head
MIA Moto-Cooler™ MIA Coiled Motor Cooler Heat Sink
MIA Delta™ MIA 3-Point Delta Prop Guard with Protective Ring
MIA MPG™ MIA Pusher Style Gyro
MIA MTG™ MIA Trainer Gyro
MIA SBH™ MIA Swept Back Hair RC Pilot Figure Line
MIA TUFF™ LG MIA Tough Landing Gear
MIA TUFF™ Select Hardware MIA Specific Hardware Selected for its Durability
MIA Smart™ MIA Smart Design Line
MIA Phantom™ MIA Carbon Pattern Line
MIA Edge™ MIA Solid Color Line
MIA EZ™ MIA Easy Line
MIA Robo™ MIA Robotic Line
MIA Tricopto™ MIA Tri-Copter
MIA XFRQ-250™ MIA Extreme FPV Racing Quad Rotor
MIA Roto-Cycle™ MIA In-Line Bi-Copter Bi-Rotor Hover Board
MIA CVRVS Decals MIA Colorful, Versatile and Repositionable Vinyl Sticker Decal



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