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Q. Who are MIA Micro FLIGHT Kits good for ?
A. For anyone who truly enjoys building and flying miniature RC helicopters, RC Autogyros, RC Ultralights,
 RC Microlights, Multirotors, RC etc. and wants to indulge in the pleasure of building and learning from a kit.
Q. What Materials are MIA Micro-FLIGHT Kits made from ?

A. MIA kits are made from Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machined Fiber-Glass or Carbon sheets,
for things such  main frames, rotor heads, along with stainless steel shafts and molded high strength co-polymer
parts, for gears, rotor hubs, swash plate, links, and landing gear, for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Q. Do I need special skills to build and fly ?

A. No, if you are familiar with building balsa models and already have some RC model hands on experience,
MIA kits will be a breeze.

Q. How long does it take to build from a MIA kit ?

. Normally one evening or a few hours. Some of the larger scale model kits such as the MIA Quicksilver Style
ultralights, will take a bit longer due to nature and size of kit.
Q. What tools and  materials are required to complete a MIA kit ?
A. Standard RC hobby tools such as a hobby knife, scissors, mini screw drivers, masking tape, ruler,
hex keys, small hex wrenches, medium viscosity CA glue, and CA glue accelerator spray to help speed up assembly.  

Q. Are MIA helicopter and autogyro kit's  mechanics complex, as on larger models ?
No, we have chosen to keep MIA  kits very simple, since this makes assembly, set-up, maintenance,
repair, and flying considerably easier for the model builder-pilot. Most of our products employ a "Bolt-On" assembly
where it is logically and structurally required and in some kits we provide pre-built sub assemblies to speed up the process.

Q. Can I use my exiting RC gear from my other micro helicopters in one of MIA Products ?
Yes, but please try to stay within the guidelines, of the suggested equipment, provided in the instructions, 
with each kit,  for best results.

Q. How Durable are MIA Kits and Retrofits ?
MIA Kits are extremely durable,  because we use mostly glass and carbon fiber composites, metal and
tough co-polymer plastic parts, as required, to make both our kits as well as our retrofit products almost indestructible.
All this, combined, allows our products to withstand use and abuse, beyond what similar standard mass-produced products offer.

Q. If I ever need spare parts where can I order  them from ?
Parts are available direct from this MIA Micro-Flight web site or via our distributors. Via this site, simply go to the product
section where it lists the specific part and click the add to shopping cart link button. Or simply email us indicating the part needed.

Q. How does MIA  Products compare to other Similar Products?
There is really no comparison, due to size and specific design. All MIA Products are designed from ground up to be
a true simple, highly durable, and almost maintenance-free flying rc model, with very stable and precise control
characteristics to make it fly, as in MIA  product videos. The same can be said about MIA Upgrades that we make as
aftermarket parts to improve the performance, durability and aesthetical appearance of other products.
Q. Which are MIA's most popular retrofits,  which one are recommended ?
We try to stay up to date with all brands of micro helicopters, and other RC products in general, in later years multi-copters.
 Some of the more popular retrofits we make are our MIA G10 Frame and TUFF
Landing Gear kitsMIA Edge™
and MIA Phantom™
Canopies and Scale Bodies we make these for various helicopters. We also make autogyro upgrades
like rotor heads, flex plates, LG, battery trays and in recent year we are have ventured into offering upgrades for the multi-copter
Q. Is technical support help available?
Yes, we are glad to help our customers with technical questions about our products via our E-Mail,  or under Contact Us



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