Custom Radio Control Aircraft Kits and Upgrades
Ultralights - Microlights - Autogyros - Multi-Rotors - Helicopters
Upgrades - Frames - Landing Gear - Canopies - Scale Bodies
Slow Stick - Auto G/G2 - Super G Upgrades and Conversion Kits
Established in 1999 - Mesa, Arizona - USA
An extension to MIA Designs™ established in the early 80's. 
A USA Products and Services oriented company
that designs, develops and manufactures unique and original
radio control (RC) custom aircraft products.
RC Ultralights
RC Microlights
RC Autogyros
RC Helicopters
RC Drones and Multi-Rotors
RC Scale Model Pilot Figures
RC Scale Model Cockpits
RC Scale Model Accessories
Over 15 years in the business
Pioneering, innovating, designing, manufacturing and serving RC Model enthusiasts
all over the world, with one of a kind RC model products in the form of full kits,
retrofits and upgrades.
Innovative Leader
Around 2000 MIA Micro-FLIGHT™ was the first company to produce
and bring to the RC market some of the very first ultra lightweight
Electric Micro, Sub-Micro and MIA Palm-Size™ Helicopters.
MIA Robin-280™ - R/C Electric Micro Helicopter
MIA Bumble Bee™ - R/C Electric Sub-Micro Helicopter
MIA House FLY™ - R/C Electric Palm-Size Helicopter

Following up with metal, plastic and composite upgrades to enhance
MIA's own products and similar products made by other companies in later years.

Ikarus - Piccolo Heli
Walkera - Helis
E-Flite - Blade - Helis
E-Sky - Helis
Hirobo - Quark -Helis
Robbe - Helis
Nine Eagles - Helis
Align - Helis
Heli-Max - Helis
GWS - Helis - Slow Stick Airplane
Hobby-King - Helis - Slow Stick Airplane - Autogyro
Durafly - Autogyros

MIA S300 Scale Body Combo Kit - Blade mSR

MIA Micro-FLIGHT  Mission is

" To help "you", the RC hobby enthusiast, get the most out of the hobby "

By understanding the needs of RC model enthusiasts (customers), within the scope
of a constantly changing technology and broad RC hobby market.
Taking this into account and blending it with years of experience in various creative,
design and engineering fields, including product development and manufacturing,
without limitation, to all areas related to Radio Control, MIA is better able to provide
"smart solutions" in the form of exciting, useful, durable, and highly attractive full kit
products as well as retrofits, upgrades and unique custom rc model parts.

Who are MIA Micro-FLIGHT Products for?

RC Model Enthusiasts, as well as, Hobby Distributors, who are looking for unique
radio control products, with an extra touch of realism, durability and custom look.

MIA Micro-FLIGHT Full Kits

Are aimed at customers, who prefer to build step by step, by following
written or video instructions and wish to have more flexibility and control
over the look or the selection of the RC equipment.
MIA Micro-FLIGHT Conversion Kits

Are aimed at customers who wish to improve the performance, durability
and look of an existing product. Examples:
MIA Quicksilver Style RC Ultralight Conversion Kit - GWS/HK Slow Stick
MIA Bensen Style RC autogyro Conversion Kit - HK/Durafly Auto G/G2

MIA G2 Racer™ Combo Kit - Durafly Auto G2
MIA Micro-FLIGHT Aftermarket Parts and Upgrades
Offer not only a more attractive look, but also structural,
mechanical, aerodynamic improvements and advantages over the
stock product parts they replace.  Many are derived from MIA's
original tested early designs.

MIA Phantom™ Combo Kit - Blade mCPX
MIA Micro-FLIGHT Scale Body-LG Combo Retrofits
Offer customers a wide selection of true to scale lightweight micro RC helicopter scale body Kits
in various colors including Military themed. 
MIA MD500 Scale Body/LG Combo Kit
MIA S300 Scale Body/LG Combo Kit

MIA MD500 Scale Body-LG Combo kits - Micro, Sub-Micro and Palm-Size helis
MIA Micro-FLIGHT Popular Trademarks
MIA's TUFF™ - Landing Gear, Training Gear, Frames
MIA Phantom™ - Scale Bodies and Canopies
MIA Edge™ - Scale Bodies and Canopies
MIA EZ™ - Ultralights, Autogyros, Microlights
MIA Robo™ Microlights, Trikes
MIA SMART™ - Multi-Rotors
Why should you purchase from MIA Micro-FLIGHT?

MIA prides itself on applying ingenuity, creativity, and uniqueness on its product design
     approach and kit manufacturing process.

     MIA products are manufactured using modern day lightweight, tough composites,
     plastics, fabrics and hardware.
MIA products use logical and practical modular electronic RC components to keep
     the product flexible and easily customizable from a user standpoint.
High Performance
MIA conducts stringent tests on every product design in the prototyping stages
    and makes refinements to obtain maximum efficiency.
High Aesthetics
Sharp attention to detail and a balanced design flow is evident on all MIA products,
    a signature trademark.
Dedicated Product Support
In addition to offering step by step instructions and supporting product assembly and
    setup videos, customers get one to one product support via Email or Phone.
We pass on to our customers a wealth of over 15 years of product engineering and expertise
    in the form of reliable products done thru meticulous manufacturing made proudly in the USA.
Key Benefits of building from a MIA Micro-FLIGHT Kit
In addition, if you are seriously into the hobby:
Learn how a model is assembled and setup as you build
Great Sense of accomplishment and reward you have built it yourself
FLY it with Pride and Excitement!

Thank You for choosing MIA Micro-FLIGHT.
Mario I. Arguello (MIA)



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