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Mario I. Arguello - MIA

Engineer, Designer, Artist
Radio Control Aircraft Specialist
Real Aircraft Enthusiast
Owner of MIA Micro-FLIGHT™- MIA Designs™

Hello, I’m Mario I. Arguello

I have been successfully designing, manufacturing and selling my own line of RC Hobby Products,
under MIA Micro-FLIGHT™,MIA Designs™, for over 15 years.
I've always been interested in scale models of all sorts and tinkering, with anything I could get
my hands on. RC aircraft models, in general, were a natural progression from RC cars and Boats,
as a hobby, in my early teen age years, and it became a serious personal passion, as I got older
and after wanting radio control models, not available, at the time.
The "RC Micro Heli" and "RC Trike-Microlight" are two of these unique RC models,
MIA Innovations that are part of MIA Micro-FLIGHT and RC Modeling history and
actual products that got many others thinking along the same paths, in later years.
I developed the "electric" RC Micro Heli so to have a viable and safe means of training with and flying
an RC helicopter in the comfort of home, backyard, or local park, when none of similar size (20" rotor)
and weight (under 5 oz) were available at the time.

I developed the RC Trike-Microlight so to have a more realistic and serious (in scale) RC model option to the more
common Rogallo delta kite-like weight shift "RC Hanglider Toys" which have been produced by other companies.

To keep it short, I had tried some other RC products, from various companies, as well,
but they all seemed to lack something to my satisfaction. So I started with the goal
of making my own RC products, in kit form and offering these to the public.
Out of many of MIA Micro-Flight's early product designs, also surfaced many of the MIA Upgrades
we made and still sell to this day to improve the performance, durability and aesthetics of other products.

My passion also for designing and manufacturing has been a natural thing for me
and very handy in establishing MIA Micro-FLIGHT™.

Five things important to me when it comes to RC model products:

Cool factor

Characteristics which have become MIA's pillars on which every product I design is built upon.

MIA SMART™ FPV Racing Tri-copter
Original, unique design with stabilizing fins for higher stability and performance

Areas I Specialize in:

Micro Aeronautics, Aerodynamics
Product Design, Engineering and Development
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
Flying Scale Model Kit Production
Radio Control Rotary Wing Models: Single and Multi-Rotor Helicopters - Autogyros
Radio Control Fixed Wing Models: Conventional 3 Axis Airplanes - Ultralights - Microlights
Radio Control Weight Shift Hang Gliders - Trikes - Microlights - Ultralights

Sewn Fabric Manufacturing: Scale Model Wings - Sails - Pilot Flight Suits - Accessories

Architectural Models, Miniatures and Collectibles

Prior to Establishing MIA Micro-FLIGHT, I spent 16 years, combined, as a:

Communications Systems Engineer
Technical Customer Support Specialist
Product Development Technical Manager
Stereo-Lithography Apparatus (SLA) Manager-Operator
CAD Operator-Administrator
Model Shop Specialist
Free-Lance Sculptor-Artist
Part-Time Entrepreneur

In my spare time,
I design and build:

Custom Small-Part Manufacturing Machines
Radio Control, Architectural, Mechanical Models
Computer Game 3D Elements, Models, Theme Parks
Flight Simulators

I also like to:

Spend time with Family
Hang out with friends at the local flying field
Test Fly and Improve RC Model products
Photograph, Video Record and Edit Product Videos
Play musical instruments "keyboards" to re-energize the mind and spirit
Sometimes just be by myself in tune with nature, the universe and GOD, while pondering on a new idea or project

My Personal Project

Real Personal Electric Powered Helicopter which can be flown safely




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