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Here are some videos of  MIA Customers flying their tiny helis with MIA Scale Fuselages and Upgrades.
Flying with Scale Fuselages Tips

If your helicopter is not lifting with our scale bodies this is attributed to them not having a good battery, properly charged one,  some of the motors may be out of performance, or the mechanics are binding.  With a fairly brand new or carefully flown and maintained helicopter, you should be able to fly them with the MIA Scale bodies using the stock battery. However in some instances it is recommended the use of higher capacity batteries,  for an extra level of power punch.

About flying scale fuselages with "bling", please Keep in mind that as neat as it is to have all metal upgrades, if you want true, in scale "Performance" you need to consider shedding some of this extra weight. Consider also that many metal parts are not a necessity and in some cases they hinder performance by nature of extra weight or specific design. The same can be said just about any aftermarket or upgrade product  depending what you want to achieve and desire.  This has to be carefully considered when deciding to upgrade for specific performance, durability and or a more pleasant or different look. Consider also that there may be some tradeoffs when you go beyond the OEM stock setups.

If you must insist on having bling and still expect the helicopter fitted with a scale fuselage to perform as good as with the stock setup, I rather you simply not consider the scale fuselage. We cannot make the canopies and accompanying LG too light as this compromises mechanical integrity, but we are not making them injection molded either, as although this results in amore rigid body, it can also end up being heavier than vacuum formed parts. With Scale bodies and canopies it is best to have a flexible lightweight but strong part,  for example, we use G10 fiberglass plate, for the LG, for these benefits also. But in general,  each manufacturing and material selection has its benefits when used properly.


Great Flying
MIA Phantom Combo Kit
Fitted to the mCPX
Great Custom fit of the MIA MD500E for the mSr on the new mCP X helicopter, done by this customer. MIA Micro-FLIGHT will shortly have a revamped version of our MIA MD500E scale fuselage to fit the E-Flite Blade mCP X helicopter so customers can install over the mechanics without having to do any custom fitting.






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