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Carbon and G10 Fiberglass Frames, Landing Gear LG, Scale Bodies, Canopies, Blade Grip Safety, Carbon Boom Supports, Tail Fins, Decals, Precision Screwdriver Tool, CA Glue, Metal Parts
mCPX Upgrades and Mods 
MIA TUFF™ Upgrades
Phantom™ and MIA Edge™ Combo KITS for the Blade mCPX Helicopter
Made from light durable materials to enhance the performance, durability and look of the stock Blade mCPX Product.
MIA's  totally new and awesome setups and options!
Use the MIA Combo Kits if you wish to remain with the stock plastic frame
and keep your Blade mCPX  stylish, lightweight but robust.

For the Latest  2013 Blade  mCPX -BL  Upgrades Click Here

• Eliminates the stock Blade mCPX toy-like and fragile features
• Provides a lightweight yet more robust and serious setup like on the big boys
• Reintroducing MIA's Snap-On Battery Clip Design for easier battery installation
• Uses Stock Frame, motors and battery
• Blade Grip Safety, rotor head device included, provides added rotor-blade grip safety and piece of mind

...from this
...to this
... in any color scheme option of your choice!
MIA Phantom™ Combo Kit -mCPX
• MIA Phantom™ Carbon Style Canopy as per color option section
• MIA Decals in matching color
• MIA  BGS™ Blade Grip Safety in matching color
 • MIA TUFF™ LG Struts and Skids in black all kits
 • Strut Support in matching color
• Bolt-On Boom Supports in matching color
 • Snap-On CG Adjustable Battery Clip in matching color
• Snap-On Horizontal and Vertical Fins in matching color
MIA Edge™ Combo Kit -mCPX
• MIA Edge™ Color Canopy as per color option selection
• MIA Decals in matching color
• MIA  BGS™ Blade Grip Safety in matching color
 • MIA TUFF™ LG Struts and Skids in black all kits
• Strut Support in matching color
• Bolt-On  Boom Supports in matching color
 • Snap-On CG Adjustable Battery Clip in matching color
• Snap-On Horizontal and Vertical Fins in matching color

(March 20, 2011)

 (mCPX Released in the USA March 2011)
As many people, who have bought, the E-Flite Blade mCPX helicopter, are aware of, the mCPX has a problem with the blade grips coming apart, due to blade grip ball bearing failure, this is a major concern for many people including myself. I really like the mCPX otherwise but I did not want to risk the helicopter or a possible injury while flying it.

So in order not to spoil the fun with the mCPx, I decided to develop a solution. Actually I had a more elaborate solution based on one of my early palm-size helicopter designs, I did back in 2003, the MIA Mosca, which some people may be familiar with. I did various rotor head designs and one of them happened to be a flybarless CP, but done in a way to provide ultra safety as normally cp tiny helis spin the rotor much faster and require a higher degree of care in the rotor design.

To realize a simple solution as the safety kit I have developed for the mCPx, I had to analyze the reason why the blade grips were flying off the rotor head.

Many reports, in various RC forums, indicated the blade grip ball bearings were exploding or coming apart in mid flight, some after many flights and some, just out of the box.

Part of the reason the ball bearings in the blade grips fail, is due to fatigue from pulling  forces exerted on the ball races retainer rings, and there is considerable on the mCPx. A way to prevent this from happening is to employ additional thrust bearings, but this complicates the stock product and increases cost, and even with such, there is still the risk of the blade grips coming apart from the rotor head.

Keep in mind that the mCPx rotor head spins much faster than a regular FP mSR or Coaxial mCX helicopter and thus extra level of safety is required on the design of the rotor head. Unfortunately, the designers of the mCPx fell a little short in this area, but luckily we have a simple and effective solution.

The mCPx is a very nice helicopter, but for safety and increased confidence, I have come up with this MIA BGS ™ ( Blade Grip Safety) Upgrade Kit, which not only makes the mCPx safer to fly, but will also extends the life of the ball bearings, and maybe even prevent them from falling apart.

Whether you have already replaced your mCPx with higher quality blade grip ball bearings, the MIA BGS ™ is a MUST have upgrade for this very capable 3D tiny helicopter. Especially, if you plan on doing some hard 3D flying.

I felt this was important so we are starting out with this MIA BGS ™ Safety kit Upgrade for your Blade mCPx.
The MIA BGS is an Ultra  Lightweight and Simple Solution that allows no modification to the rotor head or other parts of the mCPx helicopter.


Update May 20, 2011

Horizon Hobby released a new Blade grip which is supposed to fix the previous issues with the original blade grip failing. Nevertheless, we highly recommend the use of the MIA BGS Safety for added peace of mind.

Update July 25, 2011

We have added the MIA Phantom and Edge™ combo kits, as well as individual kits.

Home of the world re-noun MIA TUFF ™  Kits, Parts & Upgrades for various RC Models.
Awesome!!!Palm-Size Helicopter Upgrades
Enhanced Performance, Durability and Appearance
Before you Buy - Please click here and read this Agreement
Please also read the Description in the Video as it may answer some questions you may have.
MIA TUFF™ - Phantom and Edge
Complete Combo Package Kit - mCPX
Landing Gear - Canopy - Boom Support - Fins - Battery Clip - Blade Grip Safety
 G10 CNC machined parts for LG, Boom Support and Fins,
 also available in various other FUN! colors to match MIA Edge™ Color canopies.
Kits Contain lightweight plastic and metal hardware (not shown) to assemble as photos above.


A short comparison of the new Walkera Genius CP vs. the Blade mCPX




Extended MIA Booms Sold separately below














Q. Do I need the MIA BGS with the New "B" Blade Grips?

Whether you have the Original Blade mCP X Blade Grips or "B" Version, or ANY blade grip, with the same bolt to bolt distance, as the original, the  MIA BGS Provides added Blade Grip Safety, in addition to minimizing wear and tear on the internals of the Blade grips.
Please watch our Kit,  Install and Demo videos carefully, so that the MIA BGS kit works for you, as it was intended.
MIA BGS™ Blade Grip Safety Kit - mCP X (Colors) $ 6.99

 • CNC Machined G10 Parts Tree
 • 2 Blade Grip Bolts
 • 2 Nuts 
 • 4 O-rings

• Ultralight, thin, High Strength G10 Parts
• Material and Part Designs is torsionally flexible and will not elongate as nylon fishing line, dental floss or even thin plastic sheets.
• Double Plate Design for Higher Safety
• Choice of Various Colors

• Safely Retains Blade Grips
• Diminishes premature wear on Blade Grip parts.
• Extends Blade Grip Ball Bearing Life
• Allows Pilots to fly with higher safety
and confidence










Please note you will need to trim the stock canopy to clear the front struts of the MIA TUFF LG. We cannot work around this, since it would compromise the design of the MIA TUFF LG.

Optional MIA Canopies better suited with the MIA TUFF LG. See Below


MIA Palm-Size Universal TUFF™ 
Landing Gear with Flex Coupler Boom Support Kit 
 (Colors) $ 14.99


 • Bolt On Nylon - Metal Hardware
 • Wider Footprint LG - MIA TUFF™ Struts 
 • G10 Skids
 • Rubber Straps
 • Carbon Boom Support Rods
 • MIA Softlink™  Flex Boom Couplers


• CNC Machined G10 Color Fiberglass Parts
• Battery Support with no restriction to CG
• Lightweight Boom Support
• Choice of Various Colors

• Easier Assembly-Install with the traditional durability of our trademark MIA TUFF™ LG.
• More Stable Flights with Wider LG platform
• Uses Stock or aftermarket Blade Heli Li-Pol battery holder
• Boom Triangular Bracing With MIA SoftLink™ flex couplers to cushion tail vibrations and provide greater support and protection to tail section, than in stock form.

If you are looking for the traditionally well known MIA TUFF LG, ultra strong and stable LG platform, go with this awesome! kit.
NOTE, there is absolutely no metal hardware used with the boom support, this is to keep the tail section light, and not to affect the CG, tail rotor moment arm efficiency and crisp tail control response.

Note this "Universal" MIA TUFF™ LG is slightly different than the one supplied with the Complete MIA Phantom™ and MIA Edge™ Combo kits. This one uses Flex couplers for the boom support and is not the bolt-on version. If you want the bolt on version  with the G10 tail snap on tail fins, get the Combo kits.    Watch the related product videos carefully before selecting the one that best fits your requirements.


Blade Helis
Canopy shown here with red color decal theme. Other MIA Upgrades such as LG, Boom Supports sold separately or
as a complete combo, see top of page.
MIA Phantom™ Canopy and Decal  Kit
 Blade mCP X
By popular demand..
 we are bringing the cool traditional larger heli look
with MIA's Phantom and Edge canopies
Give your Blade mCP X helicopter that awesome!!  Stealth look with this Superb!  canopy.  Designed to work with the stock frame and LG as well as MIA TUFF and A Style LG.  Molded from ultra durable Carbon-like pattern material.
• Carbon Pattern Canopy
• Mtg. Rubber Supports
• Vinyl  Sticker Decals (Choice of Colors!)


MIA Phantom™ Canopy & Decal Kit
Blade mCPX
Decal colors

MIA Edge™ Canopy and Decal  Kit 
Blade mCP X
By popular demand..
 we are bringing the cool traditional larger heli look
with MIA's Phantom and Edge canopies
Give your Blade mCP X helicopter that awesome!!  larger heli look with these lightweight and colorful canopies.  Designed to work with the stock frame and LG as well as MIA TUFF™ and A Style LG kits. 
• Color Canopy
• Mtg. Rubber Supports
• Vinyl  Sticker Decals in matching color
MIA Edge™ Canopy & Decal Kit
Blade mCPX
Canopy and Matching Decal colors

MIA Extended Boom
Blade mCP X
Give your Blade mCP X helicopter that extra tail punch with an extended boom. We originally did the extended booms for the Walkera 4#3 and its is only natural to offer this option also for the Blade mCPX for the benefits a longer boom provides.  Two booms, use one keep one as spare as you never know, when you will need that extra one.
•  2 Carbon Booms
MIA Extended Boom
Blade mCPX

Sold Out


MIA MD500E Scale Body and LG Kit
 Blade mCPX


 Some Assembly Required
Instructions Here
Great Custom fit of the MIA MD500E for the mSr on the new mCP X helicopter, done by this customer. MIA Micro-FLIGHT will soon have a revamped version of our MIA MD500E scale fuselage to fit the E-Flite Blade mCP X helicopter so customers can install over the mechanics without having to do any custom fitting.



Style MD500
MIA S300 Scale Body and LG Complete Kit

Blade mCPX

Style S300 Body and LG Kit
MIA S300 Scale Body Only (No LG) - Blade mCPX  


Style S300 Body Only

        MIA "TUFF ™" Training Gear Kit             
for the Blade mCPX  Helicopter
Especially made for assisting fist -time pilots, learn to fly ultra tiny helicopters. Simple yet extremely effective design, has natural spring cushion and grips to slippery floors while allowing easy take offs and spider like grip landings! 

Press-Fit assembly for ease of assembly and compact transport.

This particular Kit is made to the correct proportions and weight  for MIA Palm-Size Helicopters, works perfectly with all Blade mCPX, Blade mSR,  Walkera 4#3 tiny helis.  Tired of heli tip overs? or afraid to crash on first flights? Try this training gear, you will probably never want to take it off!


1 G10 CNC machined center


4 Formed Legs


4 yellow, rod end tips


4 skid attachments




Please Read Manufacturer Instructions and use in a well ventilated area.


  CA Glue Medium Viscosity
For all Hobby Modeling Assembly Projects requiring an easy to use CA Glue . Bottle size ideal for various model assembly projects. Works great with MIA G10 and Carbon Frames Assembly.
Tip: Apply to joining parts, then use CA Accelerator (Kicker) spray
to speed up Joint assembly.

1/2  Fluid Oz. Bottle  with Fine Tip Nozzle Applicator


Please Read Manufacturer Instructions and use in a well ventilated area.

CA Accelerator Spray (Kicker)
For all Hobby Modeling Assembly Projects requiring a Fast CA Glue Joint Setting

2 Fluid Oz.  Bottle and Sprayer


(Blade mCPX Aftermarket Upgrade Frame)

For folks who wish for a more practical, robust, roomy and more aesthetically pleasing 3D Heli Frame
 • Eliminates  the stock boom and canopy mount breakage issues
•  Replaces weak and complex aftermarket frames with a more practical robust, easy to work with and maintain frame
• suitable for BL as well as stock setups.
Designed using traditional and proven MIA TUFF™ and  Palm-Size™ Helicopter architecture
Based on our Original MIA Palm-Size ™ MD500E  Scale bodies but
now completely redesigned and customized MIA MD500E Scale Body-LG kit
for the awesome Blade mCPX! Also available in various other colors.

Coming Soon MIA Racers™ - Pilot Canopies


MIA Falcon Canopies Carbon Pattern and In Colors

Inverting the mCPX, a simple 2 step training technique



Solution Graphics

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