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MD500E Kit Instructions

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 Blade mCPX Upgrade Product Instructions
MIA MD500E Scale Body and LG Kit
Based on our Original MIA Palm-Size MD500E  Scale bodies but
now completely redesigned and customized MIA MD500E Scale Body-LG kit
for the awesome Blade mCPX!

Note that the MIA BGS (Blade Grip Safety) Device is not part of the
MIA MD500E kit, but was previously installed from a MIA Phantom Combo Kit.
We left it in place because it just looks better. Many of MIA customers may already have the BGS, as part of the MIA Phantom kits, but if not, and you wish to have same look, you can purchase the MIA BGS Kit separately,
from the MIA Upgrades -mCPX section.

The Boom Support G10 Mounting Plates and the yellow vinyl tip boom sockets
mounting method (NOT GLUED, but press fit) were a necessity for the scale body
to fit and look correctly. Otherwise the stock boom location sits too low
and does not allow for a good fit of the body.
The body is a true representation of the MD 500E
and we wanted this to look right on the mCPX, so this  relocation of the
boom was required for a realistic, clean appearance as in the finished product photos.  This method also allows the boom be located back to stock position, if needed.
Note that the distance of the boom, where the wires come out near the
front yellow tip socket is about 3mm , this sets the boom length to a good distance for the body and boom sleeve to fit correctly. But additional tweaking may be required during final stages of assembly.
Doing a scale installation such as this one, requires a bit of patience and care must be taken during this stage to ensure you do not fray the wires. You should test the operation of the tail before mounting the body to make sure everything is working properly. If not go back and check all the wring connections and correct wiring problem is necessary.
Please also refer to the MIA MD500E - mSR section for the LG assembly
and Body installation, it is basically the same.
Otherwise, follow the rest of the photos in this section for the mCPX.

Install the body by opening gently the tail boom section and sliding it
over the helicopter frame and boom assembly.
You will need to push the body slightly and gently towards the front
to allow the tail boom sleeve to slide over the end.
If you find the fit a bit tight, carefully trim 1/8 inch or 3mm from the end of
the scale body tail section to allow the tail sleeve to slide easier. Use the 2 aluminum spacers to mount the body to the front canopy mounting bar, this sets the appropriate distance from body to mounting bar and retains the body better.
NOTE: it is easier to mount the body to the heli frame first,
then the LG assembly to the body 4 mounting perforations. You will need to open the body bottom gently and carefully insert  the 4 LG mounting pegs inside the body LG mounting perforations, this retains the LG to the body.
The windshield is installed last with either the supplied double sided tape
small section at the top and front bottom of the cabin. Or you can customize with the small nylon hardware supplied in the kit. We leave this option open to the user. You will need to make small tiny holes for the hardware. Use care in drilling the holes through the body and windshield, you can use one screw and nut at top and one at the bottom to hold the canopy to the body more securely than the tape but in all our previous MD500 installations the tape has been sufficient and maybe easier for some users.

The tail vertical-horizontal tail stabilizer assembly is also same as for
the MIA MD500E -mSR.
and the assembled tail stabilizer is a final press fit over the tail motor
via the vertical stabilizer molded socket.
































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