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MIA Upgrades for Various Helicopters...Walkera, E-Flite, Heli-Max, Nine Eagles, Hirobo, E-Sky, Nine Eagles, Kyosho...
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MIA Upgrades
Although the various  Upgrades we make, were designed, specifically, for the associated helicopters, many of these will also work with similar other helicopters, not listed or shown under this section.
Please enquire, via our
 E-mail , if you have a specific helicopter brand or model which  requires  more durable upgrades.

 An Introduction to MIA TUFF
Since I first became interested in RC models, almost 4 decades ago, and having purchased and used countless Radio Control products, I often found that many RC products could benefit from better designs and parts to provide them with higher durability, performance and aesthetical appearance.

When I established MIA Micro-FLIGHT, one of my major goals, besides designing some unique and one of a kind, RC model kits, was to develop some of the best Upgrades for other RC products,  to help RC model enthusiasts make their hobby more enjoyable.

Because I am a perfectionist, and keen to the smallest details, I am my greatest critic, and the products I design must meet very high standards, which I set out, early on, when I established MIA Designs
- MIA Micro-FLIGHT , not only for myself, but to meet the needs and requirements of many hobby enthusiast who share similar hobby interests.

While developing the
1999 MIA Robin 280 Micro Helicopter Kit, and looking to make super lightweight and more durable parts, I designed a series of unique retrofit items for such, made from highly durable, nearly indestructible materials, and so the MIA TUFF ™ name was born.
Nearly every RC helicopter model I've purchase has had the LG broken during hard landings, crash mishaps, etc.
 I wanted to find a solution, it had to be simple, practical and attractive. After much thought and testing various ways, use of various materials and manufacturing methods,  I found it!  Every one of my RC helicopters big or small has been retrofitted with MIA TUFF Products, because they provide me with a greater level of confidence and reassurance that upon an unfortunate event of a mishap, the MIA TUFF parts will protect the heli much better.
I carried this ultra durable design approach and MIA trademark name on to other MIA TUFF ™   Model Products and Upgrades. To present day, I still continue to make them for MIA original model designs, as well as upgrades and retrofits for other various RC products, from other companies.

 Latest MIA TUFF Upgrades  fitted to the Hirobo Quark-SRB helicopter

Latest MIA TUFF Upgrades  fitted to the E-Flite Blade SR helicopter

More Durable with Higher Protection for the helicopter

Higher and Wider LG with built-in suspension, typical of MIA TUFF Style LG

Unique MIA Delta Tail Guards,  similar to MIA TUFF Tail Guards, also, with built-in suspension
It is with great pleasure that I design all the products which carry the trademark MIA TUFF ™  which MIA Micro-FLIGHT manufactures and offers worldwide.
Mario I. Arguello (MIA)

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Thursday May 13, 2010
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