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MIA Upgrades for Various Helicopters...Walkera, E-Flite, Heli-Max, Nine Eagles, Hirobo, E-Sky, Nine Eagles, Kyosho...
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MIA Upgrades
Although the various  Upgrades we make, were designed, specifically, for the associated helicopters, many of these will also work with similar other helicopters, not listed or shown under this section.
Please enquire, via our
 E-mail , if you have a specific helicopter brand or model which  requires  more durable upgrades.

 An Introduction to MIA Phantom-Edge Bodies


Another Area that we specialize in is molding canopies and scale bodies for micro helis.

I started molding RC Helicopter bodies many years ago as a hobby, the typical way most hobby enthusiasts start with, a sheet of plastic, a kitchen oven, a pseudo shop-vac retrofitted sealed box with perforations on the surface and a frame to hold the sheet of plastic. I was able to form over a wood plug, for a large 60 size helicopter canopy, with some degree of success,  but at the time, was no where near the detail and quality of the canopies we mold for current production. 

As I got more involved and serious about taking my hobby into a business, I started looking into more industrial type of molding equipment.  Over the span of many years, I searched for ideal machines that would satisfy my production needs, but did not find suitable ones, most of the them were very expensive and some were not  efficient, so I designed and built my own molding equipment to form various size bodies to MIA product specs.

This page is a compilation of some of my favorite MIA Phantom and Edge canopies and bodies we produce. They carry a unique and original style which, as with most of our other products,  has become easily identifiable with MIA Micro Flight , over the span of many years.

Real Carbon and Resin Molding vs. Vacuumed Formed Carbon Pattern Plastic

Over a decade ago, while molding real carbon helicopter blades for some of my earlyy micro heli designs,  I decided to try molding canopies also from the same carbon cloth material. While working with carbon or fiberglass cloth and resins is quite messy,  I managed to make some beautiful carbon-resin molded thin shell canopies, but they did not stand to the abuse helis go through, when one is learning to fly or when flying them more aggressively. Thin carbon canopies, as many fiberglass molded canopies, tend to crack very easy on impact.   I needed to find a much better material and eventually  I did. I  have not gone back to carbon and resin molding since.

  I selected the name MIA Phantom, to designate the cool and stealth look of our carbon pattern molded canopies and bodies, while selecting the name MIA Edge , for the more colorful ones.

The MIA Air-Ram canopies have strategically designed air scoops, to allow air-flow inside the bodies to help keep the helicopter motors cool, most effectively in fast forward flight, where the air rushes inside the scoops, thus the name "air-ram".



MIA Phantom Air-Ram Canopy

MIA Edge Air-Ram Canopies

MIA Edge Canopies


MIA Phantom Pro

MIA Phantom Bat

MIA Phantom

MIA Phantom Bat


MIA Phantom Retro

 E-Flite Blade SR helicopter fitted with MIA Phantom Canopy.

More Durable than stock canopy

Solution Graphics

Friday May 14, 2010
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