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S300  Scale Body Kit Instructions

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Kit Parts vary per specific Helicopter it is made available for.
The MIA S300 Scale body fits various similar size helicopters, and comes with mounting perforations already done for the specific helicopter you order for.


E-flite Blade mSR


No disassembly of the E-fLite Blade mSR tail is required, only the stock LG. Recommended to be used with MIA TUFF LG for the mSR for a more robust setup and more realistic appearance. Mounting it on the E-flite Blade mSR is done only using the upper canopy mounting perforations
on the body gas tanks ( the rabbit like ears).



E-flite Blade mCX and mCX original S300
Mounting it on the E-flite Blade mCX and mCX original S300 is the same using the double perforations on the body gas tanks (the rabbit ears). Upper and lower. These are located
differently than on the ones for the mSr. Recommended to be used with MIA FULL Scale
S300 Kit.

Walkera 4#3s, A/B, Q, CB100, Novus FP

Mounting it on a Walkera 4#3, Q or CB100 is very similar with mounting perforations done as required by these specific helicopters. Please specify the specific helicopter this body is for when you place an order.
Walkera Lama 2, 5G6's, Novus CX

Similar as above.




































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